terrorulez. nem elég, hogy a coldcut és gomez már ide se ért, de a party arenában fellépő john b is beszívta a nagy mocskos bráningot. a művész úr kommentárja:

so, i made it to budapest for the sziget festival.

my bag didnt

thanks to terrorist idiots i couldnt take handluggage so no cds with me

am in business centre in teh sofitel hotel in budapest having just bought my album off my own dig download site and trying to burn cds to play!


no makeup or hair stuff either

if anyone out there can usendit me a few decent – new/unreleased tunes, esp ones u know i play at the mo, please do.

concord dawn if ur out there plz send me the seasons remix…

and razor point – blue monday

and mr mendez – or anyone i sent helpless to!


this is gona be a wiwerd set. john b plays his album and a few other tracks he borrowed to one of the biggest crowds ever. with no makeup and no earplugs.